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The Expanse Kiosk Series was created to provide a family of standardized enclosures that can be easily adapted to accommodate a wide variety of transactional components, thereby serving multiple vertical market applications. Recognizing that each kiosk deployment has somewhat unique transaction requirements, KIOSK has embraced a modular design approach to marry component customization capability with standard model designs and metals. The Expanse kiosk is built in three sizes with incremental cabinet room to house an entry-level, mid-level, or very complex component set.

The flexibility offered in the Expanse Series resolves many common customization needs, including display size / orientation preference, and the ability to accommodate more than one component set within a deployment. Pairing clean and modern design options across multiple use cases reduces custom engineering fees, and speeds up time to market. Small adjustments can easily be enacted without designing a custom enclosure entirely from scratch.





Configurable Components within Expanse Series **

Payment Components

  • Insert or Swipe Card Reader
  • NFC Payment Device
  • Pin Pad
  • Cash Acceptor
  • Cash Dispenser
  • Coin Dispenser
  • Locking Cash Vault

** Components fit iterations require KIOSK guidance and review before confirming enclosure recommendations. Components not listed here may still be feasible

Additional Components

  • Receipt Printer
  • Card Printer
  • Ticket Printer
  • Bag Tag Printer
  • Camera
  • Navigation Pad for Visually Impaired Patrons
  • Headphone Jack

Enclosure Dimensions


LARGE Pedestal 32 Inch

MEDIUM Pedestal 27 Inch

SMALL Pedestal 21 Inch

Height Portrait

70” (inches)

66.5” (inches)

62.1” (inches)

Kiosk Width Portrait




Kiosk Depth




Width at Base Plate




Depth at Base Plate




* Landscape height and width dimensions will vary, based on display size selected (21″, 27″ or 32″). Add 1.5″ to cabinet height if a camera feature is selected.

Each size platform has common some common design elements:

  • Options for LCD size and orientation. Brilliant Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch displays are VESA mounted, with portrait or landscape display versatility.  Choices for display size include 32”, 27”, or 21”.
  • Programmable LED lighting for front panel accents (illuminated at components and base), providing a modern look and improved visibility.
  • Front access hinged door panels for simple service access.
  • Distinct component placement for easy access to each device (some mounted under enclosure surface, some door mounted, with larger components on shelves or slide out rails).

A KIOSK Sales Professional can guide you on the size of Expanse Series cabinet that would be workable, based on your specific component set.

 In general:

  • Large enclosures would be ideal for housing component-heavy feature sets required in applications like airline check-in/bag tagging, transit ticketing, or payment platforms with both cash and coin.
  • Medium enclosure would be suited for more feature rich bill payment, loyalty, and security-type applications.
  • Small enclosure would be appropriate for light ticketing and payment, endless aisle, order entry type applications.



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