The Stellar Series is a new modular platform that can be configured for a variety of self-service applications including loyalty, check-in, ticketing, endless aisle and more. The enclosure features a 21.5-inch PCAP touchscreen for a crisp and modern user interface presentation.

The Stellar Series is available as a free-standing pedestal or a countertop, providing multiple deployment options in the same standardized family. The enclosure can be customized with preferred components common to most self-service transactions – from EMV payment devices, scanners, receipt / ticket / card printers, and more. As with all KIOSK designs, the Stellar is configured for easy maintenance. It has all front access doors for simple component access. ADA compliant design ensures self-service access to all your customers.

Like the Paragon Series, most of the highly reliable components in the Stellar are produced by KIOSK’s parent company, Posiflex in Taiwan. Posiflex components are known for long life-cycles and high reliability, reducing service costs over the life of the deployment. The Stellar series is designed by KIOSK in the US and manufactured in Taiwan. Inventory stocking and final configuration are performed in the US for fastest lead time. The unique supply chain leverage in place for this series enables us to provide exceptional quality at a very attractive price point.


  TK-2110 TK-2130 TK-2150
Processor Rockchip RK3399, Dual-core Cortex A72, Quad-core Cortex A53 Intel Bay Trail J1900 Quad Core CPU, up to 2.42 GHz, 2M Cach Intel Kaby Lake U Core i3/i5
System Memory DDR4 4 GB 1x DDR3L SO-DIMM slot, max. 8 GB 2x DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, max. 32 GB
Strorage Device 32 GB eMMC + 1x microSD slot SATA SSD x 1 SATA SSD x 1
Power Supply 1x 12V/84W + 1x 24V/60W 1x 12V/60W + 1x 24V/60W 1x 12V/60W + 1x 24V/60W
OS support Android 9.0/Android 10.0 with GMS Windows 7/POSReady 7/Windows Embedded 8.1, Industry/Windows 10 IoT Windows 10 IoT 64 bit
Serial Port 2x RJ50, 5V/12V support on all COM ports 1x DB9 + 2x RJ50 5V/12V support on all COM ports 1x DB9 + 2x RJ50 5V/12V support on all COM ports
Standard USB Port 1x USB 3.0 + 5x USB 2.0 1x USB 3.0 + 5x USB 2.0 2x USB 3.0 + 4x USB 2.0
OTG USB 1x Micro-USB N/A N/A
Display Port 1x HDMI 1x MiniDP 1x MiniDP
LAN Port 1x 10/100 Mb, 1x 10/100/1000 Mb 1x 10/100/1000 Mb 1x 10/100/1000 Mb
Audio 2x Internal 3W speaker 2x Internal 3W speaker 2x Internal 3W speaker
Internal Expansion Slot N/A 1x M.2 1x M.2

Display & Touch

LCD 21.5"
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Touch True-flat PCAP touch with multi-touch support

Physical Dimension

  TK-2110 / TK-2130 / TK-2150
Dimension (Height, Width, Depth in millimeters) Countertop version: 400 x 460 x 832, Floorstanding version: 625 x 610 x 1620
Weight (in kilograms) Countertop version: 27.5, Floorstanding version: 60


  TK-2110 / TK-2130 / TK-2150
Operating Condition 0°C - 50°C, 20%RH - 90%RH (Equipped with SSD)
Storage Condition -20°C - 70°C, 10%RH - 90%RH

Built-in Options

  TK-2110 / TK-2130 / TK-2150
Scanner 2D barcode scanner
EMV Payment Device Bracket Support Custom bracket support for various EMV payment devices
MSR 3 tracks ISO or JISII (HID / VCOM selection)
Fingerprint Sensor Optical type
NFC Reader Support ISO / IEC 14443-A&B (MIFARE), JIS x 6319-4 (Felica), ISO / IEC 15693, NFC protocols - tag read / write (ISO / IEC-18902)




The Stellar TK-2100 Series is a modular kiosk that can be tailored to complement the deployment setting and reinforce the company branding. Purpose-built for various self-service applications, this kiosk can be integrated with multiple transaction components, delivering versatile performance to help business owners enhance customer engagement.

Bill Acceptor

Card Dispenser

Ticket Printer

Modular Design & Multiple Configurations

The Stellar TK-2100 Series is available as a countertop kiosk or floorstanding kiosk with pedestal, providing modular deployment options in the same standardized family.

Easy Maintenance

All access doors open at the front to provide easy access for quick service and maintenance. There is no need to move the kiosk away from walls, or dismantle the main body of the kiosk to remove components for servicing.

Customized Approach

Choose from a series of peripheral options including barcode scanner, receipt / ticket printer, bill acceptor, and card dispenser to accommodate your transaction demands.

Various Applications

Designed for public access, the Stellar TK-2100 Series is suitable for a wide variety of self-service applications including: retail Point-of-Sale, loyalty program, restaurant self-ordering / food court pre-ordering, hotel self-check-in, hospital patient check-in, theater / museum self-ticketing, and access control.

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