Standard Kiosk with Customization

Our kiosk is the ideal solution for every business operation that want to reduce front desk workload and relocate staff to focus on other value-adding tasks. We understand that businesses benefit the most when their specific needs are met. Hence we offer customized features to our standard kiosks. Here is a quick glimpse of our self-checkin kiosk solution at the MK-Hotel.

Get in touch with us to know which standard kiosks are compatible for customization.

Have a unique look you’re looking for a kiosk manufacturer to create

Kiosk Embedded Systems have designs which are guaranteed to engage your customers. We take pride on the ability to manufacture a hardware that brings our customers’ vision to reality. We discuss the needs and requirements of the product with our clients, provide expert consultation and soon begin with design & rendering process. Learn more about our processes here:


Concept / Planning

  • Requirements & Specification
  • Concept
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Project Plan
  • Risk assessment
Spec / Feasibility / Plan

Sample Phase

  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design
  • BIOS / FW / SW development
  • Sample testing, review, bug tracking
Design & Validation

Certification Phase

  • Design Update
  • Design Quality Assurance
  • Compliance test
  • Certification test, review, bug tracking
Design & Validation

Pilot Run Phase

  • Technical transfer
  • Manufacturing fixtures and tools
  • Production Test incl. SOP
  • Pilot Run test report
Production Transfer

Visualize your kiosk in Virtual & Augmented Reality

Design-to-order kiosks can be a lengthy and complex process till customers get their final product which can be quite overwhelming at times. Keeping that in mind we have come up with the opportunity to visualize the product, its usability and overall impact on the surrounding of the finished product through virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

We have partnered with Vection technologies to offer our clients the ultimate VR experience. From PC, Smartphones and tablets to Virtual Reality, FrameS enables 3D world creation for virtual meetings, presentations and communication across organizations. An easy-to-use set of tools that gives us the possibility to access pre-defined content or to create an environment catering to our clients’ business needs. We import 3D models, PDFs, videos and images in 3D FRAME to create a virtual world for our ordered kiosks. Virtual Reality is not only beneficial for our end customers, but can also imply as a sales tool for technical teams and engineers for their project pitches.

Contact us personally to learn further about virtual kiosk solutions.

Augmented Reality

XR Technology makes it easier for the customer to measure and virtually display planned projects with the help of the ​applications and thus to ​test in advance whether ​the kiosk fits in the ​intended areas.​ After integrating our kiosk with the XR app, users can view and operate content in both virtual and mixed realities.