Who are we?

Since, 1993 Kiosk Information Systems  has led the industry in design and manufacturing of self-service solutions. The brand Kiosk went beyond the borders of Denver, US. Demand for our products accelerated over the years globally and Europe had been a key consumer among several regions. Catering to the standards, design and features of the European Market we have established ourselves as Kiosk Embedded Systems GmbH in 2016. We are a team of the Posiflex Group & Portwell European Technology providing a wide range of solutions from kiosks, software services to POS and industrial embedded appliances. We have the largest portfolio all over Europe which is serving corporations across Europe, UK, Israel, Russia, UAE & Africa.

​​​​​​Kiosk Embedded Systems Differentiators:

  • Hardware & Software Design
  • Flexible Volume Manufacturing
  • Advanced Field & Managed Services
  • End-to-End Business Solutions
  • Local configure to order, onboarding to peripherals
  • Professional Project Management
  • Local RMS(Canopy) Support

Our Team

Hans Peter Nüdling

Geschäftsführer & Group Managing Director Europe

Group Chief Strategy Officer

Vito Ruocco

VP Sales & Business Development 

Peter Ahne

Sales & Marketing Director DACH

Erwin Gutic

Business Development Manager

Oliver Thiele

Business Development Manager, IOT

Pavel Penkin

Country Manager, CEE region

Patrice Bechard

Country Manager, France

Daniel Fichter

Head of Project Management 

Parent and Sister Companies

In 2016, KIOSK was acquired by Posiflex Technology, Inc., a global leader in POS solution design and manufacturing. In 2017, Posiflex also acquired Portwell, a global industry leader in embedded computing solutions. This parent – sister company relationship enables KIOSK to self-source many of the key components in our self-service solutions (e.g., all-in-one PCs, PCAP LCDs, scanners, printers, etc.).

Benefits of using Posiflex and Portwell components include:

  • Price advantage and cost reduction opportunity over time
  • Much longer life cycles than industry average
  • Supply chain control
  • Exceptional quality and reliability


Further, this family of companies affords KIOSK clients new access to mature international manufacturing and distribution capabilities for overseas project execution. The Posiflex Group has world-class facilities in the US, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands, supplemented with Sales and Distribution in 19 cities around the globe.

These strategic acquisitions have provided a singular value proposition in the industry – one that we are delighted to pass on to our prospects and customers.

We invite you to preview parent and sister companies’ complementary POS and computing product lines at their respective websites.

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