Universal Customizable Interface

Introducing the ultimate solution for hotel check-in and check-out - our Universal Customizable Interface. With our innovative interface, hotels can now provide guests with a seamless and personalized experience, right from the moment they arrive.

Our interface is highly customizable, allowing hotels to tailor the check-in and check-out process to their specific needs. Guests can use the interface to quickly and easily check-in, select their preferred room type, and even customize their stay with additional amenities and services.

With our Universal Customizable Interface, hotels can reduce wait times and streamline the check-in and check-out process, while also providing guests with a more personalized experience. Plus, our interface is easy to use, ensuring that even the most technologically-challenged guests can navigate it with ease.

Don't let long check-in lines and outdated systems tarnish your guests' experience. Upgrade to our Universal Customizable Interface today and give your guests the experience they deserve.

Customizable Home-Screen

Logos, Pictures, Colors can be pre-defined
Different Hotels/Locations can have different optical appearance


Big visible buttons for check-in/check-out

Room-Key Generation

You need additional room keys or you lost yours? Just create new one

Information and Services Section

The hotel can add additional local information or services
Like local sight seeing, restaurants,…

Multi-Language support

Dynamic translation service to any language you need in your local area


for bigger Font and Wheel-Chair option (moving down of content)

Clear and fast check-in/check-out flow

A smooth and efficient check-in/check-out process is crucial to ensuring a positive guest experience at a hotel. Guests want to be able to quickly and easily check in and get settled into their rooms, and they want a hassle-free check-out process when it's time to leave.

To provide a clear and fast check-in/check-out flow is essential for creating a positive guest experience at a hotel. By creating a streamlined process, hotels can ensure that guests feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with their stay.

Check-in, Check-out Flows adjusted to the Hardware and Hotel Setup

Pre-Payment or Check-Out Payment?
ID-Scanner yes/no
Device Animations according to the used Hardware

Dynamic Information Collection

If all/some information are already available via Booking.com or Hotel Database, the hotel guests are just asked for the missing parts. This enables a fast check-in.
After all input, there is a summary page that need to be signed

Easy Guiding

The guest always understands in which step they are
There is always an option to go step back if something is wrong
Animations inside the flow show the hotel guest always where to look

Solution Partner for Kiosk One UX

Hotelbird + Kiosk -> Strong Partnership

  • Kiosk and Hotelbird have formed a global partnership to provide seamless and contactless self-check-in solutions for the hospitality industry.
  • Kiosk, a leading provider of self-service kiosks, has integrated their kiosk software with Hotelbird, enabling guests to check-in, check-out, generate keycards and make payments via a touch interface.
  • With a global reach, the partnership between Kiosk and Hotelbird is poised to transform the hospitality industry by offering a cutting-edge solution for the new era of travel.

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