KIOSK ONE ProConnect is an enterprise IoT platform that enables centralized monitoring, management, and control of connected devices at scale. Its monitoring and management solutions cater to our kiosks, POS systems, and specialized equipment. Manage the overall health of your devices, address service issues before they escalate, and delight customers with entirely new experiences.

  • Reduce downtime
  • 30 to 40% support calls decrease
  • Incident historization
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Fully configurable feature to monitor any element of the system

    KISK ONE ProConnect , The IoT Platform Built For Enterprise

    Smarter Decisions

    Manage the overall health of your devices through configurable KPIs that fit your business needs.

    Better Uptime

    Address service issues before problems arise. Remotely control devices, and automatically trigger notifications.

    Accelerate Innovation

    Delight customers with entirely new experiences and grow profitably.

    What We Offer

    When it comes to the Internet of Things, Banyan makes it happen. We bridge the gap between business and technology by working as a trusted partner to companies operating large networks of unattended devices or equipment.

    Kiosk ONE ProConnect provides businesses with all of the tools necessary to manage and monitor a network at scale from a single centralized management platform.

    We utilize a four-step approach to working with clients:

    • Initiate. We work with your team to establish goals, outline strategy, create milestones and delineate project scope.
    • Analyze & Design. We begin developing a prototype product by configuring device integrations, data flows, KPI attributes, remote actions and reporting.
    • Implementation. We work with your team and any other stakeholders to input configuration settings, validate data, confirm results and ensure that the product provides value to your business.
    • Launch. We work alongside your team to develop a plan for rolling out the product across your fleet.

    More Kiosk ONE ProConnect Features

    Our IoT platform helps you achieve your business goals


    Detect incidents & automatically trigger corrective actions


    Customize proVconnect to meet your specific needs


    Configure your devices automatically by creating your own deployment scenarios

    Compliance Checking

    Optimize the homogeneity of your devices by guaranteeing their compliance

    Remote Control

    Remotely take control of your devices safetly

    Task Planning

    Plan and deploy updates and tasks when it suits you best

    Group Management

    Group your devices and organize them based on your needs

    Inventory Automation

    Collect inventory data (hardware, software, system) in mins from thousands of devices

    Report and Export Data

    Export your Inventory data in your preferred formats (csv, JSON...)

    Device Security

    Monitor the health and security status of your devices in real time

    Monitoring Alerts

    Be alerted when a device is offline when it should not

    OS Patch Management

    Manage your OS Patches, identify the OS to be patched and centraly depoy patches