New opportunity to streamline hotel front desks as Kiosk integrates hotelbird systems into its intuitive UI for self check-in/out

Seefeld, Germany – 25 May 2023 - Kiosk Embedded Systems GmbH, a provider of innovative self-service kiosk technology, today announced that it has fully integrated the Hotelbird digital back end for hotel check-in/out functions into the configurable self-check-in user interface supplied with its attractive and robust kiosk products.


The seamless interaction between the KIOSK HUI (Hotel User Check-in Interface) and the Hotelbird systems makes it simple for hotel IT teams to install new self-check-in and key generation facilities at the front desk. Using data and services provided by the Hotelbird back-end, the HUI enables guests to check themselves in and out through a large, intuitive touchscreen, and also program key cards, pay for their stay, and view information about hotel services and the local area. The HUI eliminates the need for interaction with front desk staff at check-in/out.

The intuitive KIOSK HUI backed by Hotelbird systems is available on license with all KIOSK hotel products, such as the Stellar TK-2100 series indoor modular kiosk.

Installation of the KIOSK/Hotelbird solution offers multiple benefits to hotel managers, including:

  • Reduced workload for front desk staff
  • Faster check-in/out and shorter wait times for guests
  • Availability of an always-on check-in/out facility, including at night when reception staff might be engaged in other tasks

‘We are thrilled to partner with Kiosk Embedded Systems to bring our digital hotel solutions to even more guests,’ said Juan Sanmiguel, CEO of Hotelbird. ‘Our software has already helped many hotels to streamline their check-in process. By integrating it into Kiosk Embedded Systems' products, we can offer an even more convenient and efficient experience for guests.’


‘With the innovative Hotelbird software built into our kiosks, we enable hotels to simplify the check-in and check-out process for hotel guests and relieve hotel staff of the task of checking guests in and out,’ said Hans-Peter Nüdling, General Manager of Kiosk Embedded Systems GmbH. ‘Together, we can offer hotels a comprehensive solution for their check-in process, providing guests with a fast and easy way to check themselves in and out of hotels.’


Configurable UI consistent with hotel’s brand identity

The KIOSK HUI is easily configurable via the Hotelbird Interface. A hotel company or individual hotel location can set the appearance of the UI to fit their corporate identity and color palette, and to show any choice of background image or pattern.

The touchscreen UI is easy for any guest to use it displays four large buttons for check-in, check-out, room key generation, and hotel services. The UI supports any mix of languages. A wheelchair mode makes self-check-in accessible to guests with a physical disability. A font slider gives users the option to make the text larger for ease of reading.

Because the KIOSK HUI is fully integrated with the Hotelbird back-end, it can draw in data dynamically to streamline the check-in process while complying fully with legal requirements. If the system already has personal data on a guest, it can auto-fill the check-in form and simply ask the guest to approve or amend the data.